Let’s welcome our new/old App Lovers... I say this because I screwed up. Let me explain quickly...

TL;DR: I’m new to this and I’m sorry I lost your request so long ago.🤷‍♂️

Apparently I had newsletter signup emails going to a different spreadsheet during the initial signup time when this newsletter was titled, “Apps And Apple”. Upon stumbling on that spreadsheet this week, I manually added those emails here. 🧐

If you read this issue and find it’s not your cup of tea, you can reply to unsubscribe or hit the link at the bottom and I’ll be sure to apologize for messing up on my end about 9 weeks ago when you joined originally.🥺

If you enjoy what I’ve made for you below... Wahoo!!! It’s beautiful to have you here to geek out with! 🤩

Alrighty... I’ve got some dandy APPetizers for you today... Let’s Do This!

Wade Sellers  





That’s a wrap!

Hoping you’re holding onto some sanity. If you’re like me, cabin fever is beginning to win. Next weeks newsletter could be a very WACKY theme.

Until then my friends... Toodles!

Wade Sellers