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I took a month off. Life was busy and this was the item that fell in priority. It will definitely happen again. Luckily we're dealing in apps... not nukes. I did feel missed though. Many of you replied to the last issue or DM'd me asking where your next week's issue was. That's a huge compliment and motivates me to be more consistent! Thank You for being awesome! 🥰

Let's Proceed... I have some goodies to share.

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YouTube Video Of The Week!YouTube Video Of The Week!

"I never thought I actually would read a friend's newsletter that I signed up for, but this is actually really good and useful stuff. Love the short info format! Keep it coming!" -Andreas (Netherlands)


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If you have any opinions on this newsletter, I want to know. I want to make this the best it can be and you're the reader so tell me your thoughts. You may even get a shoutout in a future issue.

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Your feedback shapes this newsletter.

I can't believe we're going to cross 100 subscribers this week! Out of the 3 issues created, I have received 22 reply emails with thoughts, praise, and valuable feedback... keep it coming! I'm learning from you and your wants. Thank you for interacting. It makes this whole newsletter creating so much fun!

See you next week, App Fanatics! 🤓

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