My Two Cents...My Two Cents...

If you're on dating apps... please, a moment of your time.

The world's an open and exciting place and apps helps us meet companions, lovers, and perhaps soulmates.

They also help criminals meet their next victims.

The story below is current, in NYC (where I live), and just gives me the creeps all around.

It also shares a woman's inventive solution to reaching out for help in an secretive way using the Grubhub app's "Delivery Instructions" textfield.

And it worked... Thank Goodness!

Wade @ Apps Weekly  

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And Lastly...And Lastly...

It's been a while. Did you miss these?

I don't want to make a false promise that these will be regular yet but I want to test them out again and see how writing these feels.

When I saw this article pop up, I felt compelled to share, and Apps Weekly came to the top of my mind.

Stay safe out there friends!

Wade @ Apps Weekly