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A weekend unplugged has done wonders! 🏖

Before we get to the apps, I want to tell you about the last weekend where we instead went App-Free. Heck, we went nearly phone-less completely.

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Val and I packed only swimwear in a small bag, traveled 2 hours north from Playa Del Carmen by bus, then took a ferry boat over to a little hidden gem called Holbox Island, Mexico.

It’s an adorable beach town island with no paved roads, no cars and only bicycles and golf carts to get around.

We checked into the amazing Aidea Kuka resort, lounged ocean and poolside, indulged in delicious food and beach drinks, rented bikes and rode up and down the sand, and just chilled out.

We barely even talked to anyone. We just simply unplugged, and enjoyed the environment around us.

There’s this concept that Val brought up a few months ago around the idea that it’s important to go and purposefully become bored. In doing so, you remove all the little things in things that fill the gaps in your life, like our phones for instance, and you give yourself a chance to empty your brain so fresh ideas have a shot at coming in.

That happened this weekend. For me it basically took all of Saturday to get to this brain purged state but it did eventually naturally occur.

What happened after is for Val and I only but the conversations and creativity that followed were something magical and we arrived back in Playa Del Carmen with fresh motivation and a clear picture of where we want to go professionally and how we intend to get there.

Story over... I’d like to know if you enjoy this little non-app blurb I share here.

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And with that... let’s talk about apps.

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