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Apps With Wade App How-To Videos Coming Soon...

At my job, I’ve been making How-To videos for the Bublup App,

It has been such a fun project. I use a green screen to superimpose myself over the phone screen and lot of little editing effects to keep the video fun..

Wanna see a sample? Get Trending Content Within A Bublup Folder

Now I want to make more of these types of videos for other apps too.

But for what apps exactly??? I need your help choosing. Tell me what app you want to see a "Wade Video" on

It’s just a 2 question form if you’d like to have a say in what videos will be coming your way soon.

And with that... You’re awesome! You’ll begin to see these videos sprinkled right into the Apps Weekly Newsletter. Thank you for participating in this fun new project.

Okay and now with that... Let’s get to the App News you came here to see.

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And Lastly...And Lastly...

We’re unplugging this weekend

I’m just about to head out the door, about 3 hours north of Playa Del Carmen to a place called Holbox Island.

Apparently there’s no cars on the island and everyone putz around on golf carts through a beach town and the surrounding nature.

If there’s any spelling mistakes in this whole newsletter, it’s because the proofreading time was cut to basically zero as I’m being rushed out the door, in an exciting flurry of “LET’S GO ON VACATION” from our vacation life.

See you next week, you lovely AppThusiasts.

Wade @ Apps Weekly