My Two Cents...My Two Cents...

We Have Moved To Paradise 🏝

NYC remains basically closed and we had enough of it so we decided to pack our 🩳 and 👙head to the land of infinite guac 🥑... Mexico 🇲🇽.

Playa Del Carmen has an amazing digital nomad community 💃🕺 and tons of familiar faces to reconnect with.

Plus the vibe here... “What Pandemic?” Everything’s open, and the mask 😷 stuff is relaxed here.

Alright, my frozen margarita 🍹 is melting and the pool is calling my name. Adios Amigos!!!


Wade Sellers  

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Last Week You Asked Me...Last Week You Asked Me...

“Wade... Why isn’t Apps Weekly... weekly?

🧐 Fair question. I have good intentions to make this weekly and eventually we’ll find that cadence but for now, I’m working hard at jobs, planning a wedding, and enjoying the little time I have “off the clock” to simply enjoy life.

Let’s enjoy these when they come and let the “weekly” cadence come when it comes. But I ❤️ that this is enjoyed by you all and for that, I will continue to send an issue out as fast as I make them.

Pinky Promise 🤝

Wade Sellers  

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And Lastly...And Lastly...

Thank you for your congratulations!

In the last issue of Apps Weekly, Val and I shared our engagement with you all. It was the 1st time we shared it publicly and I received a ton of email replies from you all wishing us congratulations.

That made it feel even more special. Thank you for caring and for sharing your excitement to hear the news! ❤️

Wade Sellers