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She Said Yes! 💍

We’ll get to the apps in a moment but I feel like I get 1 moment to shout from the rooftops with this news and by golly I’m gonna use this newsletter to do it too. I proposed to Val a couple days ago from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It was 1 of the coolest things I’ve ever been able to do in my life and yet it took about 10 seconds LOL.

She truly makes me a better man, entertains all my silly ideas (even a personal blog newsletter about apps), and I just can’t get enough of her daily. I feel like I’m honestly 1 of the luckiest people on earth.

So with that awesomeness out in the open now... let’s get on with the apps!

Wade Sellers  

News BytesNews Bytes

Did you know in 2020...

  • 218 Billion apps were downloaded. That's about 7000 apps a second.
  • $143 Billion dollars were spent within apps. That's over $250K every minute.
  • Android users collectively spent 6.6 Million years on their phones alone... in 2020.

I'm just blown away by that scale. We've only even used the word "app" like this since since Jan. 9th, 2007, since the 1st iPhone was released. article referred to

Wade Sellers  

My App RecommendationMy App Recommendation

How To...How To...

Last Week You Asked Me...Last Week You Asked Me...

1 App On My Phone1 App On My Phone

YouTube Video Of The Week!YouTube Video Of The Week!

And Lastly...And Lastly...

Salud from Mexico! 🍻

So that’s the tale of this week. I hope you found this issue fun and please reply and let me know if you enjoyed this style of newsletter.

This was basically like 10 micro blog posts about topics related to apps, and my life. It’s fun, lighthearted, informative, inspirational, and hell, we even had an engagement.

I mean that’s a flippin action packed newsletter if you ask me.

See you in the next issue when... we might have our 1st SPONSORSHIP APP. It’s in talks right now, so nothing 🔒 in yet... but fingers crossed 🤞.

See you next week fellow AppThusiasts!!!

Wade Sellers