My Two Cents...My Two Cents...

How this email is written every week!

Every Saturday morning, Valery and I wake up, exercise, make breakfast, and enjoy a few hours of chilling in the living room while creating freely while we enjoy each others company.

In this chill moment, I feel like I'm bursting with creativity, and ready to write this email.

While we laugh and chill and drink endless Nespresso's, I rip through my app research, cherry 🍒 pick the best items, and build this newsletter for you.

Val is currently drawing in Procreate on her iPad... and she's crazily good for just starting... so proud of my cute little artist girlfriend! Val, you're flipping awesome!

Now, before I hit send on this email, the last thing I do is write this little blurb up top for you.

It's my little diary entry to bring you into my life as we may not have talked all week and I want to get you ready to enjoy the tidbits of information below this.

This is our little moment to connect and I enjoy the thought that even in this distanced world, with a mere weekly email, we do connect on a personal level for a few minutes.

Thank you for showing up with me.

... now, onto the news

Wade Sellers  

News BytesNews Bytes

My App RecommendationMy App Recommendation

How To...How To...

Last Week You Asked Me...Last Week You Asked Me...

1 App On My Phone1 App On My Phone

YouTube Video Of The Week!YouTube Video Of The Week!

And Lastly...And Lastly...

Stay safe out there!

Vaccines are on the way, and there's light at the end of this tunnel.

Stay sane just a little while more.

I'll keep the app news flowing.

Cheers and have a lovely day!

Wade Sellers