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We're 0.83% through this decade and I made a resolution to try out new Social Media apps.

This week I tried TikTok & the brand new Byte App! I fell in lust with both and researched a ton!

2 biggest takeways: TikTok isn't just for kids. The Byte App is what the Vine app was.

LET'S GO... I'm so dang stoked to share what I found.

Wade Sellers  

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Last Week You Asked Me...Last Week You Asked Me...

You have Q’s? I have A’s!

Ask me your app questions. You may even make it into the next issue!


"Hey Wade! Do you use any apps to find royalty free music?" - Serge

I have never found a mobile app for this service and I'm quite shocked about that. I use a company called Epidemic Sound (subscription-based) to find royalty-free tunes. Another great source (this one is free) is also Bensound.

Wade Sellers  

And Lastly...And Lastly...

I hope you enjoyed Issue 2. You're invited to reply with any feedback you might have. I received 11 replies from Issue 1 and the new Q&A section came directly from a suggestion. Help me learn what you're into.

See you Next Week, APPthusiasts!!!

Wade Sellers