And We're Live...

I made this newsletter in 48 minutes, totally LIVE, and sponsored by Bublup. I invite you to watch the magic happen.

I've got 1 bit of news and games for you this week. If you're a millennial, I'm just going to say "Pac-Man & Spongebob are below... YUP!

I'm still in Istanbul, Turkey and this weekend we're on a 4-day stay-at-home lockdown so these games are basically survival now.

Okay... Let's Get To This!

Wade Sellers  




You might have found some spelling errors...

I just made this newsletter in 48 minutes live, while discussing the entire process along the way. It's quick, it's dirty, but it proves the process WORKS... and we had a ton of fun!

It's not just me here this time... it's all the Wade Watchers, Saying... Hello! And Have A Great Day!

See you next week!

Wade Sellers